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fallen sparrow

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ATHENS GEORGIA - JANUARY 24, 2004 - Athens Paintball
we got ther efriday night and mom had made reservations at a holiday inn express. it was on a road right near UGA and in downtown Athens.
well this was a good game and planned out VERY well for us. no offense to the rest of the team, but we suck at planning things out. this was the first event we went to as a team and it turned out great. lots of people were there, even the good guys at CRASH. the field was excellent. great bunkers and little forts. made the realism better. the best part of the day was when i got to help escort a prisoner..sort of a close protection detail. that was awesome. 
the night game was crazy. we played in pitch black. i didnt have a flash light, but jerel did. everyone else on the team left before the night game. me and jerel just chilled at our base where we were keeping our prisoner.