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Chris's Photos

global shadow 02

Pics from Operation Global Shadow in Dawsonville, Ga in 2002

messin' around the morning of the game

nice view

me, mike, and jerel before the game

our base

testing the guns

getting briefed

checking out the other guy's gear

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CRAZY game in dawsonville.  over 100 people were there on this big field. the field was so big, me and jerel got lost near the back in the wooded hills. it took us an hour of spotting people from a distance and tryin to follow them back to the main roads and trails, radio'ing in and staring at our maps. man that wasn't fun...more like a hike than a skirmish. the sad part was that we got lost because we lost our unit. we were about 7-8 strong, then we got amushed and lost most of them. after that we split up and jerel stayed with me luckily.
i don't have nor did i get the pic of my close-shot to the face by an upgraded M4. someone had the bright idea of ordering us to run at the big sand-mound-bunker thing at the end of the long road next to the pond. apparently they heard us running and ran around the mound to us. POP i was hit in the face. started bleeding too. got me right in the cheak. it didnt really hurt except for when it hit me and when anyone said anything like "hey man u ok? that looks like it hurts".
anyways, that was pretty much that saturday, which was the "main" event. we, the russians, lost. we were suppose to collect all of these 4 parts to a mock nuclear warhead and build it, find the codes, type them in a computer, and launch it. the americans beat us. we got 3 of the 4 pieces and never got the barn where the computer was. we had the launch site the whole game...which was sad because we were ready to launch if had everything else fallen into place.
sunday wasnt the event, just a screw around day. we played speed ball mostly in the little field next to the highway. then we went to the thick swamp area and played there. i couldnt see shit back there. i dont remember what happened there, but it was still fun playin with CRASH from NC.