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Chris's Photos

angered dragon

Panama City, Florida

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well it wasnt the biggest event ever or anything, at the most 40 people. it was hot, but not hot like global shadow. not much humidity(except for after it showered a little), just sun. i was so sunburnt when we left it wasnt funny. While were were there i got to see Pikachoad, who is a really badass airsoft collector/player. Even though i wore more gear in this event than any other(which was retarded because it was really hot), it was worth it. the field was fun to play in with all of the bunkers and the woods surounding it.
it was all a big coincidence. it turned out me, mom, mema, and nana were going to panama city when pat, tim and his family were going. and on top of that, the guys at panhandle airsoft were having a big game. it turned out fun. besides the game, we got to go on the beach and stuff. fun fun
i hope we get to do it again sometime.
i couldnt upload the pics for some reason. ill convert them and put em up later.