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Up In Smoke Airsoft Group
About U.I.S.
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"Up In Smoke Airsoft Team" Information
U.I.S. is made up of airsoft hobbyists in the C.S.R.A. Most players are firmiliar with military tactics and weapons. The players meet on average every other weekend to play and discuss airsoft.
"Up In Smoke" of Augusta, Georgia was officially made in 2001.
Some of the senior members have left for college, while the younger members are still here. Due the number of players lost, We will no longer play as frequently as we have. U.I.S. will still play, and accept any players in the area to join in games.
Main Address:
Chris "Snake" 
Site Editor & U.I.S. Team leader:
Paul "Weasel" 

Up In Smoke Airsoft Group
Augusta, GA