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Up In Smoke Airsoft Group


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12:00 pm
2:00 pm
12:00 pm
Clay Pits(Meet at Kroger)
11:30 am
Meet at Kroger - Game is at the Clay Pits



Weasel's field

Rules of War
From the General(Weasel):
FPS Limits
- AEGs & GBB velocity max. 400fps with .2g
- Sniper Rifles velocity max. 450fps with .2g
- Springers velocity max. 250fps
- For upgraded AEGs that have the option for both semi and full - automatic will be given a MER(Minimum Engagement Range). If you break the MER you are given, you will be called out.
- After being hit at least once on any part of the body or piece of clothing or equipment directly or closely on a player, he must immediately cease play and acknowledge that he has been hit either vocally or by raising both arms. A dead player must walk off the field with a white trashbag from his gear out. A dead player walking off the playing field cannot be used as a human shield or hostage.
- goggles or shooting glasses must be able to withstand a direct, close-range shot and have no possible places for a BB to enter.
- Shooting or attempting to shoot a person in between games will result in an order for a formal apology for the least offense or a monetary fine for greater offenses, determined by the squad as a whole. Between games, all weapons are to be kept on safety and fired only in designated zones. Only shoot in designated areas. These will be either marked off shooting ranges, or on the field. Mags out and Fingers off the triggers in the Safe Zone. No intentional destruction of Property with BBs or hands or feet, etc. No firing weapons on a live field before game on. Fighting is absolutely banned. We have all entered situations where we would like to cleanly explain our point to another player with the butt-end of a rifle. It happens folks, tempers flare, you all know the drill. However, this is not tolerated at all. Fighting will result in an immediate suspension, and decisions will be made on a case to case basis on whether or not to ban a player.
- Ambushing is legal in all game scenarios. However, if it continuously bogs down gameplay ('camping'), further action will be taken to minimize ambushing. As a rule of thumb to prevent further negative action, move out from an ambush point after a two- or three-minute ambush attempt.
- Commercial Smoke grenades are legal; military grenades are not. Smoke may be used to screen movements, to direct fire, or to signal to other players. All other forms of explosives are illegal. They are hazardous to the user, to the victim, and to the field. Players may pick up and throw back enemy smoke grenades.
- Any forms of cheating or being deceitful will not be tolerated. Players guilty of such will be fined, suspended from play, or banned from play depending on the severity of the violation. Honesty and honor rule in airsoft.
- If a player shoots a teammate during a game, the teammate is out.
- You must be 13 years old or older to play on our field. Any persons under the age of 13 may watch our game, but they will not be allowed to play.
- In "Capture the Foxhole" senerios, there are 2 teams. Once 1 person(min.) from one team is in inside the foxhole(not beside it), the ref. will start timing. That person must stay in the fox hole for 10min.(he can be relieved by another teammate). If that person is shot, that person must exit the foxhole. Then the foxhole is "free" for anyone to take it over. Once the foxhole has been held by a team for 10 complete minutes, the game is over and that team wins.
- In Demolitions senerios, each team is given an explosive (Frag=M80). A bomb will be in a random spot in the field. Each team will deploy at the same time in search of the bomb. This is a EOD exercise. The explosives must be placed on the bomb a certain way. If it is not placed correctly, that team looses their option of destroying the bomb. Therefore they have to stop the other team from using their frag and destroying the bomb.

Up In Smoke Airsoft Group
Augusta, GA